Administrator Job Description


Purchase and organize office supplies, including printer paper and printer ink, envelopes, stamps, etc.

Check and respond to phone messages.

Check and sort mail.

File and organize documents.

Backup computer files on a regular basis.

Run Cori checks for volunteers and staff.

Supervise building keys, security, and access.


Purchase supplies as indicated by Sexton.

Check kitchen for Coffee Hour needs (milk, half & half, sugar, napkins, snacks, coffee, other beverages, etc.)

 This position is responsible for the general functioning of the church office, including clerical.

 To serve as the front line for the church operations and provide administrative support for the program staff

 Self-starter who is able to work independently

 Clerical skills: grammar and editing, word processing, spreadsheets/budgets, office equipment, webpage development/updating, posting on social media.  The Administrative Assistant is also responsible for putting together and distributing the monthly newsletter, the Open Door.

 Send out welcome letters to new visitors.

 Maintain the church contact database and prepare an updated Church Directory quarterly.

Supervise building keys, security, and access.

Application Deadline June 16, 2017  Send Resume to

Town Hall Style Meeting to discuss our 250th Anniversary Activities!!

​June 11, 2017 after coffee hour.

​All are Welcome!


Tuesday June 20, 2017

5-7 p.m. 

Free of Charge 

Mount Wachusett Community College 

444 Green St. Gardner

on the historic upper common, fitchburg, massachusetts

open doors in the heart of downtown, open hearts to all

Job Opening

Stand Up, Stand Out
On the Ashby Common
Every Wednesday 6-6:30
Hosted by Ashby Resident Kathy Panagiotes

Stand up, stand out, speak for yourself and speak for all; We Are All One. Stand up and Stand
out with us in Ashby or in your town. Hold a sign, or three signs, mean what you say on it. Be
kind and be open with your wording. We do this here in Ashby because it is what democracy
looks like.

We ask for change yet when it comes, we don’t like it. Two presidential administrations now
have said “We can make change”. Maybe it is more change we desire. Maybe it is a desire to
not feel fear, to not be intimidated, to know we do live in an open and free society.

I was inspired by the Women’s March in January to do something. I hold a sign once a week
for 30 minutes, one of mine says, “Both Sides Now”. Although it is a song title, (Joni Mitchell), I
feel I can look at both sides, see the human flaws, arguments, debates, the unwillingness to
come together because those who govern any people today perhaps are stuck in the mind of
“My way is the right way”. All roads can lead us home.

Join us, talk to us, we want both sides to be with We the People.

Auction Items Still Available!

1. Walking Tour of Keene, NH Date TBA $20

2. Lavender Bell will sing for your private event: $20

3. Pub Quiz with Ann and Peter Date TBA: $20

4. Dinda/Dickinson Cookout and Croquet July 22, 2017 $30

​5. Dance 2 Swing Date TBA: 2 spots $28 ea.

6. Gift Certificate to Eddy's Music: $75 for 3 lessons

7. Gift Certificate to Essential Therapies Bolton, MA $55

8. Strawberry Shortcake with real whipped cream (you supply the fruit) $7

9. Paintings on the walls in the Dillon Room: name your price

10. Copper Lazy Susan (Tabletop) $7

11. Herb Basket

12. Paper Wreath

Contact the church through this website or at 978-343-6307